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Green at Barts Health

Barts Health's sustainability group

The Planetary Healthcare Journal Club

On the 3rd Wednesday of every month there will be an international journal club meeting to discuss the evidence base behind global sustainable healthcare practices. This is a new joint venture from the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare in Oxford, University of Toronto Centre for Sustainable Health Systems, and the Yale Program on Healthcare Environmental Sustainability

The next meeting is 18/5/22. Find out more here:

About Green at Barts Health's Sustainable Journal Club

Members of G@BH occassionally meet up virtually or in-person to discuss a recent paper on the broad themes of sustainability and environmentally-friendly healthcare.

Papers are nominated by members and meetings are open to all. The discussions are friendly and informal, with the paper-in-hand often serving as a jumping-off point for a wide-ranging conversation.

If you would like to nominate a paper for a future discussion, or learn about the club, please get in touch!

Next Meeting of Green at Barts Health's Sustainable Journal Club

Paper: "Greening a Geriatric Ward Reduces Functional Decline in Elderly Patients and is Positively Evaluated by Hospital Staff" freely available here:
Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Venue: TBA

Watch this space!

Previous Meetings of Green at Barts Health's Sustainable Journal Club

Paper: "How to help patients transition to a healthy and sustainable plant-based diet", freely available at
Date: Tuesday 8/6/21
Time: 1-2pm
Venue: Seminar Room 3, Education Academy (Basement of Dental Hospital), Royal London Hospital.

Notes: Makes a great case and contains practical guidance around nutritional matters... but can't fully explore the enormous topic in a single page, and there's no guidance on how to change peoples behaviours and attitudes...


Paper: "Will COVD-19 be the catalyst for a more sustainable healthcare system?", available here (NHS OpenAthens username/password required to access - contact for an account).
Date: Tuesday 11/5/21
Time: 1-2pm
Venue: online
Notes: Unfortunately this article offered little in the way of actual ecological sustainability and was more focused on economic/fiscal sustainabilty for US health institutions.


Paper: "Environmentally sustainable emergency medicine", freely available at:
Date: Wednesday 24/3/21
Time: 12.30-1.30pm
Venue: online
Notes: -


Paper: "AMEE Consensus Statement on Education for Sustainable Healthcare and Planetary Health", freely available at:
Date: Wednesday 3/3/21
Time: 12.30-1.30pm
Venue: online
Notes: We greatly admired the ambition and scope of this consensus statement, and welcomed the concrete dates it set for its plans. The bold vision and scale of the guidelines it sets out are matched by the bombastic introductory paragraphs; but we worried that sweeping statements conflating indigenous peoples, generalisations on their relationship(s) with the environment, and stressing their importance as model custodians may be alienating to readers that would otherwise take away lots from the practical steps recommended later in the statement (all of which are really well aligned with Sustainable Development Goals).

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