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Digital Literacy & Health Literacy



Digital Health Rewired: Registration now open for 2023

Join the UK’s most vibrant digital health community of NHS IT leaders and professionals, suppliers, start-ups and many others at Digital Health Rewired 2023.


Digital Health London

#EvaluateDigiHealth Webinear 2021: what digital health evidence do commissioners & clinicians want to see? In this webinar, commissioners and clinicians from within the NHS and social care system discussed their experience and understanding of evidence generated by digital health companies.

The King's Fund

The journey towards a smarter hospital within a new integrated care landscape: At this free online event the King's Fund explored the role that hospitals – enabled by digital capability – can play, and we thought about:

  • how hospitals can reframe their role as part of an integrated care system
  • how digital technologies and innovation can help support that role
  • how these technologies can be interwoven with workforce, estates and clinical capabilities as part of a co-ordinated approach to health and care.

The King's Fund

Using digital solutions ot transform the delivery of care: In this online event, the King's Fund looked at how using inhalers remotely has challenged clinicians, patients and colleagues, and discussed what this means about the nature of delivering health and care services, as Covid-19 reshapes our understanding and experience of the human element in health and care and our increasingly greater co-existence with digital technologies.
The event is intended for health care professionals, policy-makers, those with an interest in respiratory and digital health care. GSK sponsored the delivery of, and had input to the agenda of, this event.