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Referencing Managers

There are a variety of reference management systems available. If you are currently studying at a University, it is likely they will have made a reference manager available to you.

Managing your search results

Reference managers are tools which allow you to import references from websites and databases, making it easy to keep them all together and insert into your projects with your chosen referencing style. Screening tools allow you to work collaboratively with your team to decide which articles you will include in your review and keep a record of your decisions.

Sciwheel is an easy-to-use cloud-based reference manager that stores all your projects online so you can login from anywhere. A free account gives you unlimited references in up to 3 projects. Premium access is also available for unlimited projects.

  • Browser plugin to instantly save references and PDFs from websites
  • Extensions for MS Word and Google docs to easily import references into your work
  • Highlight and add notes to PDFs and webpages
  • App available to manage your references, make notes, and read articles on the go
  • Easy collaboration with co-authors

For helpful videos on how to use Sciwheel visit their help page here.


Deduklick is a subscription-based, reliable and transparent deduplication AI tool to remove duplicate records retrieved for systematic review searches with maximum precision in few minutes.

Rayyan is a free and easy-to-use online tool which helps you and your team to screen literature for inclusion in your review. It allows you to work collaboratively to include and reject articles with help from natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to speed you through the process. You can also work on the go with the Rayyan mobile app.



Covidence is a subscription-based collaborative online tool to assist with screening results to be included in your review. Barts Knolwedge and Library Services does not subscribe to it. 

Other free and paid for tools are available online.

Systematic Review Accelerator has a range of tools to help speed up the searching and refining stages of your review. It includes a deduplication tool, collaborative screening tools, and a search translator for different databases.

Other free and paid for reference management software is available online.

Other Reference Manager Tools

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