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Allied Health Professions

KnowledgeShare Evidence Updates

KnowledgeShare Current Awareness updates provide a highly tailored, individual update of newly published health care information in your areas of interest.


How does it work?
Tell Knowledge and Library Services about your areas of interest - you can be as broad or as detailed as you like - and how often you would like to be updated. Your Current Awareness update will be personally configured by a professional librarian to ensure you only receive relevant, high quality information. To learn more about KnowledgeShare, consult the KnowledgeShare website.


What kind of information will be included in the update?
The health care evidence from KnowledgeShare is drawn from a wide variety of sources, including local publications and events, published research literature and national guidance and policy documents. Each item is selected, categorised and summarised by professional health librarians to save you time.

How often will I be updated?
Your librarian will email you a consolidated update once every two weeks, so you are not overloaded with updates. If you see anything in the update you want more information on, simply reply to the email and ask.

Request a personalised Current Awareness update by completing our online form or by emailing your areas of interest to