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Educational Resources

Free Exam Resources

  • almost a doctor includes a free medical encyclopaedia and other resources for medical students, doctors and healthcare professionals.

  • Clinical Odyssey is a free app that offers simulations, spanning more than 500 conditions and diseases, all which can be played in minutes. Each simulation is also accompanied by a concise yet comprehensive discussion of the diagnostic reasoning, and key learning points for you to take home. New cases are released every week, often in keeping with global endemic and epidemic trends, to help you brush up on the clinical skills that are the need of the hour!
  • Whether you’re travelling or have a spare 15 minutes while on the go, the free Pastest app will help you to fit your medical test preparation around a busy schedule. Download it now from the App Store or Google Play to access questions and media from your subscription even when offline

  • F|Docs supports Foundation Schools to deliver a world class Foundation Programme. It enables final year medical students and foundation doctors to prepare for their future careers whilst easily achieving their curriculum requirements.

  • Geeky Medics offers comprehensive OSCE preparation resources, including written guides, checklists, flashcards, video demonstrations and mock OSCE stations, nteractive question bank and flashcard platform, as well as clinical topic summaries mapped to the Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA).

  • i-medics provides its free Medical exam question banks for doctors and those looking to become doctors.

  • LearnHaem is a free resource of haematology slides and content to help young doctors and medical students learn key haematology topics and prepare for the UK FRCPath Haematology exam. 

  • Medical FlashNotes is a clinical medicine reference and studying tool for students and residents, covering medicine, surgery, paediatrics, psychiatry, and obs & gynae. It is ideal for quickly looking up a condition on the wards, or studying for exams.

  • Medical Schools Council e-Learning Resources - A database of shared learning materials collated from the UK MSC partner schools.

  • Mind the Bleep is a free medical education platform for final year medical students, junior doctors and other healthcare professionals. It offers practical content that helps you deal with every challenges with ease. It includes articles, webinars, courses and other resources to cover all the essentials needed to support you and care for patients – all clinical specialties, wellbeing, employment, finance, career development & anything else!

  • OSCE Aid is an online revision community for medical students and junior doctors where you can find a library of resources on clinical examination, communication skills and practical procedures to help you revise for Medical 'OSCEs'. 

  • PassMedicine is a proven revision resource that helps you pass high-stakes medical exams with:
    • MRCP Part 1: Over 4,000 Single Best Answer questions. Also includes the innovative Knowledge Tutor which tests you on thousands of high-yield facts
    • Applied Knowledge Test: Over 4,400 Single Best Answer and Extended Matching Question for the new style Applied Knowledge Test (AKT). Also includes the Knowledge tutor for revision of high-yield facts
    • Medical student finals; Over 8,000 Single Best Answer and Extended Matching Questions for medical finals. Also included with this resource is the Situational Judgement Test & Prescribing Skills Assessment questions
  • Pulsenotes is powered by a small, but super-dedicated team of doctors & surgeons.Perfect for junior doctors, medical, physician associate, nursing and allied healthcare students with;
    • over 400 topics, there's a wealth of knowledge to hand. Best of all, our notes are regularly updated with the latest information and UK guidelines.
    • over 2,700 single-best answer (SBA) questions, kick start your revision! All answers are thoroughly explained with related videos and notes just a tap away
    • over 170 hours of video content, our succinct, yet detailed lectures perfectly complement your studies. Accessible anywhere, anytime.
      There are two levels of membership: “Free Member” and “Premium Member”. If you register as a Free Member you will have access to revision notes. If you register as a Premium Member you will have access to all revision notes, lecture videos, assessments and other premium content that we may make available from time to time.
  • Radiology Cafe's mission is to support applicants to clinical radiology training and provide the best educational resources and exam preparation material for radiology trainees.

  • Designed with UK medical students and junior doctors in mind, Radiology Masterclass provides online medical imaging education resources for medical students, doctors, and allied health care professionals.

  • RCPSYCH eLearning Hub: offers learning content aimed at trainees and qualified psychiatrists. It includes a selection of free modules for those without a paid subscription. All you need to do is register with the College.

  • Sharp Scratch (from the BMJ): a podcast for med students and new docs: Every fortnight, Sharp Scratch gets together medical students, junior doctors and expert guests to discuss all the things you need to know to be a good doctor, but that medical school doesn’t teach you.
    You can listen to all of the episodes for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google podcasts, Podbean, or wherever you get your podcasts.

  • The Next Step gives medical and dental students advice to make the transition into the workplace a little easier. It features insights, advice and industry news to help you make more informed decisions about your future. Their content hub is full of blogs and articles written by junior doctors and dentists, as well as videos, podcasts and competitions.

  • The TeachMe Series is an award-winning collection of educational healthcare resources. Used by students and healthcare professionals alike, each resource is presented in an easy-to-read and visually appealing style.

  • Zero to Finals is designed to provide you with learning resources to help you get your head around a topic you have struggled with and prepare efficiently and effectively for the exams you are most worried about.

Clinical Decision Support tools

Clinical Decision Support tools are reference resources designed to support clinical decision-making. Healthcare professionals utilise these tools to quickly lookup information concerning diagnostic and treatment guidance at the point-of-care with a patient.

Clinical Decision Support tools contain detailed summaries of a wide range of conditions and interventions, supported by synthesized and evaluated evidence-based research and/or peer-reviewed sources. Summaries are curated by health professionals and regularly updated to reflect new evidence. Summaries can include levels of evidence, rating scales or grade recommendations as well as citations back to the original research studies, systematic reviews, or guidelines.

BMJ Best Practice Logo

BMJ Best Practice is a clinical decision support tool, uniquely structured around the patient consultation, with advice on symptom evaluation, tests to order and treatment approach. Access to BMJ Best Practice is provided by Health Education England to all NHS staff in England. See our Clinical Decision Support guide for more info.

Dynamed logo

DynaMed provides clinically-organised summaries for over 3,000 disease and condition topics, incorporating over 1,000 drug topics. DynaMed editors monitor the content of over 500 medical journals, using a rigorous seven-step methodology for selecting and critically appraising each selected article. See our Clinical Decision Support guide to learn more.

UpToDate logo UpToDate is a time saving, evidence-based, clinical decision at point of care, support tool. It contains all of the internal medicine sub-specialties (at a level that meets the needs of the sub specialist), primary care, internal medicine, ob/gyn,paediatrics, general surgery, and more – all in one resource. See our Clinical Decision Support guide

UpToDate Lexidrug (formerly Lexicomp®) offers a variety of drug information references and decision support tools to meet the unique needs of pharmacists, prescribers, nurses, and dentists in a range of care settings. All products feature relevant, independently reviewed drug information to support safe medication decision making and help positively impact patient outcomes. Access is via IP if you are on Barts Health sites or OpenAthens elsewhere.